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In case you were wondering how Angela Rye feels about running for president, she has words.

In a radio interview on the Quincy Harris Morning Show, the CNN political analyst spoke about her latest BET special airing on Wednesday night called “Angela Rye’s State of the Union.” The show will be focused on the Black community’s response to President Trump’s State of The Union. In terms of the State of the Union last night, Rye was unimpressed.

“I felt like we went back in time,” she said. “I didn’t hear him mention Black people other than to take credit for the decrease in Black unemployment which is because of Barack Obama’s successes and his record, not because of Donald Trump.”

Representative Maxine Waters will be appearing on Rye’s show on Thursday night to deliver the rebuttal to President Trump’s address. As someone Rye considers “an inspiration and a mentor,” she expressed how excited she was to have Auntie Maxine on the show.

The conversation shifted as they spoke about the Democratic rebuttal presented by Representative Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts. Rye expressed her opinions of how he echoed Obama’s beliefs.

“He’s got a great future, but what I hope the Democrats aren’t trying to do is set him up for 2020,” she said. “What we should have learned from the 2016 election is that the days of dynasty politics are over. While he might be powerful, while he might be a great speaker, [Democrats] need to have a pulse on the culture. Who is the culture saying represents them?”

As far as who she believes should run for president, she doesn’t have any specific choices yet but she hopes that everyone involved is “talented” and “true leaders.” When Harris asked if we could expect her name on the ballot on 2020, Rye promptly shut that down.

“Absolutely not, Jesus has called me to do other things and it will not be running for president,” Rye asserted.

You can listen to the entire interview here.