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Vin Diesel's Love For "Family" In 'Fast & Furious' Is The Newest Meme Craze

Source: Universal Pictures / F9

F9 is currently doing laps around other films in theaters in terms of box office cash. The ninth film in the franchise is now the newest meme on social media. 

In the Fast and Furious films, you can expect to see all kinds of wild car stunts, like a Dodge Challenger taking out a submarine during a car chase on ICE, a plane catching a Ford Mustang using a magnet, a hooptie being converted into a rocket and a man literally pushing a torpedo using his bare strength. But if you ask Twitter, one thing trumps all of that, and it’s family.

For those who enjoy the films, the movie’s main protagonist, Dominic Toretto, never misses an opportunity to stress how important La Familia is. That is evident in F9 that sees Toretto putting his famous Dodge Challenger that magically gets rebuilt for every film in the garage to settle down with his wife and son. You would lose count of how many times he utters the word family in the film hence why this meme is even a thing.

Vin Diesel’s character’s favorite quote from 2015’s Furious 7, “I don’t have friends. I got family,” is now being used to make some very hilarious and clever memes. Twitter is using Toretto and the quote to show just how powerful family is by putting Toretto in different situations from other films like Transformers to show how strong his family is.

In another “Fast Family” meme, Dom even takes on the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, to boast how strong his family is.

With F10, F11, and possible spinoffs in the pipeline, these memes serve as the ambitious crossover events fans of the Fast & Furious franchise have been dreaming about. At the same time, the memes are also showing just how ridiculous the movies have become and could potentially be.

You can peep more memes in the gallery below.

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Photo: Universal Pictures / F9