American muscle continues to go green.

The latest stateside car manufacturer to lessen its carbon footprint will be Dodge, which has its eyes set on a 2024 release.

At an event for Stellantis, its parent company, it officially announced its foray into the battery electric vehicle market. However, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis wants to be clear that the company will not be selling electric cars but instead “American eMuscle” with the goal being to “tear up the streets, not the planet.”

“Performance made us do it,” Kuniskis said of the automaker’s addition to its lineup. “They know we know that electric motors can give us more, and if we know of a technology that can give our customers an advantage, we have an obligation to embrace it.”

Though it is just the beginning, it’s the start of Dodge’s push to switch all 14 of its brand’s offerings to electric power in the coming years.

Already dubbed the “world’s first full battery electric muscle car,” it is unclear if Dodge will use an existing model to introduce its greener engines like the classic Charger that has been part of its fleet since 1966 or the Challenger that rose to popularity in the 1970s and was rebirthed in the 2000s.

Watch the entire presentation below as we await what Dodge has up its sleeves for the next few years to come.

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