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Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty

The underdog Philadelphia Eagles came to play, and so did the defending championship New England Patriots, but the former played just a little harder.

Super Bowl LII started off slowly, as both teams were unable to score touchdowns on their first possessions, but both put numbers on the board with early field goals. But the Eagles’ backup QB Nick Foles started to make the game interesting in the opening minutes by airing out a touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery and another to LeGarrette Blount soon after.  The biggest moment of the first half came with less than a minute left with a catch by none other than Foles.

The Eagles took a timeout before the fourth-down snap and used that time wisely to come up with the perfect trick play.

Foles moved out from under center, Jason Kelce snapped the ball to running back Corey Clement, who quickly handed the ball off to tight end Trey Burton—  a former college quarterback—who threw the ball to a wide-open Foles to end the quarter with a bang. The Pats tried the same trick play earlier but Brady couldn’t hold onto the ball.

If the first half was the Eagles show, the Patriots made their presence known in the third and fourth. Tom Brady and the Pats scored 21 points with just 13 minutes of play and continued to make his legend grow. With a quick throw to Rob Gronkowski,  the Patriots finally had their first lead of the game. But Foles knows how easy it is for Brady to take advantage of a game whenever he wants, and he sealed the game with a touchdown to Zach Ertz that almost got ruled incomplete.

Brady fumbled it and the Eagles were able to recover on the next possession and did their best to run down the clock. Brady got the ball back with 65 seconds left but wasn’t able to come up big. Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning the franchise’s first Super Bowl in the modern football era.

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