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'Everything Sucks!' Series Premiere - After Party

Source: Noam Galai / Getty

Netflix has been hitting it out the park lately with its original series. Thankfully, we’ll have a new nostalgia-packed series to binge soon.

Set in Boring, Oreg., in 1996, Everything Sucks! tells the tale of two groups of high school outsiders—the drama crowd and the A/V club—working together to make a movie about adolescent struggles.

From references to sick slang and props jam-packed with memorabilia (RIP Tamagotchis and dial-up), this series doesn’t look like it will disappoint. Jahi Winston (The New Edition Story) also stars as one of the leads. From single-parent households to sexuality to dyslexia, the show demonstrates its ability to go there when necessary.

“If we’re going to make a show about high school, we wanted to set it in a time we were in high school, which was in the ’90s,” explained series creators Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan. “The ’90s aspect is surface, it’s music, Tamagotchis, it’s snap bracelets, yes, but ultimately the show is about our characters and their interpersonal relationships.”

The ten-episode, half-hour dramedy is set to premiere on February 16.