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Slack Technologies Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings Figures

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

Three senior film marketing execs working for Netflix were recently fired for comments they made about management on Slack. 

Apparently, they thought their conversations were private, but another employee somehow happened upon them, reports state, and now the execs are… unemployed. According to The Hollywood Reporter, their immediate supervisor didn’t want to fire them for venting, but higher-ups felt it was necessary. From THR:

“According to sources, their immediate boss, vp original films marketing Jonathan Helfgot, whom they also criticized, was extremely reluctant to fire the three for their comments, arguing that employees vent as a matter of course and such dire consequences were not warranted. But sources say he succumbed to pressure from higher-ups at the company.The episode is a window into Netflix’s unusual culture, which calls for radical transparency. Under the heading ‘Real Values’ on its job website is an entry reading, ‘You only say things about fellow employees that you say to their face.’”

According to the insider THR cites, there were months worth of conversations, which Netflix ultimately decided were “inconsistent” with the company’s “core values.”

What are your thoughts on this? Folks on social media seem to think the streaming company is being a bit ridiculous with the rule:

Some also called attention to Slack messages not really being “private.”

Do you think the execs should have been fired, or is Netflix trippin’? Chime in!