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Trying to figure out the best way to stay fresh under pressure? Latin music’s newcomer Danny Ocean wants you to know you’re definitely not alone—and he teamed up with AXE for the assist.

AXE’s new campaign “You’re Gold” focuses on how guys can stay “fresher under pressure.” Ocean is part of the brand’s gold squad, where he’s joined by rapper Lil Yachty, basketball player Brandon Armstrong, and YouTuber Markiplier.

“I’m always going to be down for positive messages, that’s what my music is about,” the native Venezuelan told CASSIUS. “I’m always going to be focusing on the positive side of things, so I really love the message of this new campaign.”

As a new artist on the scene, Ocean said that every day is a challenge for him. But keeping a cool, confident exterior is what helps him stand out from the crowd.

“I come to L.A. a lot and I usually don’t know the producers or songwriters I’m going to meet,” he said. “I get nervous, just like any other person. It happens no matter what industry you’re in, but you just gotta stay fresh.”

The upbeat artist knows how to be chill, but he can’t hide his shyness when he chuckles and tells the story behind his viral hit “Me Rehúso,” a song about having to leave the one you love behind. He left Venezuela because of the political turmoil that was afflicting the country. But along with leaving his home behind, he was forced to leave someone else very important—his girlfriend.

“When I left Venezuela, she didn’t have enough money to come with me,” he explained. “I came to Miami and I was short on finances. So on Valentine’s Day 2015, it was cheaper for me to do a song for her. What started as something so personal just happened to blow up.”

Just as the campaign details, so many of the struggles people go through are relatable. Part of the reason “Me Rehúso” blew up was that it hit home for so many people.

“I receive a lot of messages about couples going through the same thing,” he said. “It’s inspiring because they write me and say, ‘Thank you for the song, if it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t be with my girlfriend right now.’ It was really cool because at first, I thought it was only happening to me, but I realized that when I got it out, it happens to a lot of people.”

Ocean’s ultimate piece of advice for staying fresh under pressure?

“Just ride the wave, man,” he said. “Be yourself, that’s what it’s all about.”

You can check out the Axe Gold Collection below.

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