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Get Out's Filmmakers and Cast Celebrate the Home Entertainment Release

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You Can Screen Get Out for Free on President’s Day.

Can you believe it’s already been a year since Chris Washington fell into the Sunken Place? To commemorate, Jordan Peele is gifting us with the opportunity to see the film again for $Free.99 on President’s Day. Screenings will take place in select theaters, with tickets available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don’t know about y’all, but we’re in there like swimwear. Check out more details at

New York Times, WYD?

The New York Times is the talk of social media after the renowned news outlet hired (and then swiftly unhired) a Nazi racist as one of its lead opinion writers. Leave it to Twitter to dig up all the receipts. As it turns out, Quinn Norton—who was hired for all of a few hours before NYT decided to go “separate” ways—has tweets containing gay and racial slurs dating back years. In one tweet, Norton stated she’s been friends with neo-Nazis, but it’s fine, because she “doesn’t agree with them.” Good f**king grief.

Norton tweeted early Wednesday morning: “One good thing from all this, I have a long list of story ideas I was collecting for the times, and I’m really looking forward to fleshing them out and getting them out into the world.”

DAMN. These Kendrick Lamar Pop-Up Shops Look Like They’re Gonna Be Fire!

Kung Fu Kenny’s announced pop-up shops coinciding with his European tour with James Blake. Yes, that does mean that you’ll need to be in Europe to check them out, but perhaps an impromptu vacation isn’t such a bad idea. The tour kicks off tomorrow. Learn more about the pop-ups here, and check out official tour dates below:

2/15 – Frankfurt

2/20 – London

2/22-23 – Rotterdam

2/24 – Paris

2/27 – Antwerp

3/1 – Copenhagen

3/2 – Oslo

3/3 – Stockholm

3/5 – Berlin

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