2019 Rolling Loud New York

Source: Steven Ferdman / Getty

Travis Scott‘s movie company Cactus Jack Films signed a production deal with A24, as reported by Variety, and Scott signaled the news with a foretelling photo of a script on his IG.

“Life is a movie,” he captioned the post. “So is this album @cactusjack and @a24 set out to bring amazing content for the future… Starting with this🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯.” The script bears an A24 logo, and the title is redacted, but Scott’s rep confirmed the blacked-out word is “Utopia,” the supposed name of Scott’s upcoming fourth album.

The partnership with A24 gives Scott access to the same content studio behind projects like the 2016 movie Moonlight, HBO’s Euphoria, and last year’s Zola. “I’m evolving, collaborating with new people,” the artist said when asked about his new album in February, “delivering a whole new sound, a whole new range.”

Scott performed a new song at Rolling Loud Miami last month called “Escape Plan,” and it is currently rumored to be Utopia‘s lead single. Scott’s new album will also be part of a greater scheme for his “special ‘first project'” with A24. “I definitely care more about making albums than just dropping songs,” he told Variety earlier this year. “I like dropping songs as much as I wanna drop them, but I love albums — I grew up on them.”

This is only the latest development of La Flare’s expanding business empire. His 2019 Astroworld tour was the No. 1 hip-hop roadshow that year, and aside from the music and his new production deal, Scott’s had lucrative arrangements with brands like Nike, Sony PlayStation, and McDonald’s. Earlier this year, he also launched his own line of hard seltzer and begun selling his own strain of ganja, all of which has seen his net worth rise to an estimated $50 million.