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Coronavirus - Last first vaccinations in Hamburg vaccination centre

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This is unbelievable. 

One German nurse is under investigation after she allegedly tricked more than 8,000 people into thinking they received the COVID-19 vaccination. Apparently, she gave her patients a saline placebo instead of the actual vaccine. The saline solution she reportedly used is said to be harmless, but obviously that’s not the point — she put thousands of German citizens in danger, including many elderly patients who have a higher risk of catching coronavirus and dying from the disease. Furthermore, if they wanted the vaccine, who is she to decide they shouldn’t have it?

“Authorities in northern Germany appealed to thousands of people on Tuesday to get another shot of COVID-19 vaccine after a police investigation found that a Red Cross nurse may have injected them with a saline solution,” Reuters reported earlier today, adding “The motive of the nurse, who was not named, was not clear but she had aired skeptical views about vaccines in social media posts, police investigators said.”

Investigators suspicions are also based on witness statements. Whether or not the nurse has been arrested or charged is unclear at this time, according to Reuters. We will continue to keep you updated on this unfortunate story, in which 8,600 people may have been affected, as more information becomes available.

Stay safe, while others believe that getting the vaccine could lead to becoming a zombie:

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