Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars

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NFL training camp is like the first days of school and realizing your friends have changed a bit over the summer.

Some come back with crazy tans, a beard, or like Travis Kelce, a smooth-shaven face. Kelce is pretty beloved around Twitter simply for his looks, and any respectable NFL fan would love to have him on as their number one tight-end option on their fantasy squad.

Like many a man, the growing popularity and acceptance of beard culture have helped Kelce attract more casual fans, who just so happen to be the girlfriends of actual Kansas City Chiefs fanatics. But, Kelce was either tired of the attention or wanted a new look because the tight end showed up to practice without his famous facial hair, and no one knew what to think.

At first, he had a mustache but eventually took it all of.

When asked about the switch-up, he slyly told the media. “I forgot to put it on this morning.”

Check out some of the best reactions to Kelce’s new look below:

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