Now that the hype around Jimmy Butler‘s emo hairstyle has died down, there’s another former Chicago Bull‘s hairstyle to roast. X now has its sights set on former NBA big man Carlos Boozer, for his very, very crisp beard. Boozer was doing an ad for a betting company when fans got caught up in his […]

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Fiddy's insults might give the term "peach fuzz" a whole new meaning.


These influencers have surpassed the commitment levels often associated with “No Shave November,” and boast a following on their social media accounts solely based on the color, length, and symmetry of their most prized possession.

It’s been 4 long, scruffy weeks. That Saturday morning feeling you get when you walk out of the barbershop with the fresh-cut and the witch hazel still burns your neck as the breeze hits you is gone. The look your girl gives when you see her after a fresh cut is… also gone. But it […]