Travis Kelce is the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, heading into his fourth Super Bowl with record-setting numbers at the position.


NFL fans may be tired of the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift show, but as usual, the conservatives are taking it too far. Especially those in the MAGA crowd. With the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday to ensure an appearance in Super Bowl LVIII, right-wing media has strapped on their tinfoil […]


As you'll see in the photos we've gathered, Kayla's energy is unmatched and Travis Kelce is an extremely lucky man.

Kayla Nicole has previously been silent while watching the same wall-to-wall coverage of her ex Travis Kelce and his reported new girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Celebrities, they’re just like us. When breakups happen, you not only have to say goodbye to the significant other you once loved, you have to say goodbye to your couple friends. No, not a couple of friends, but those friends you made as a couple. In the case of Kayla Nicole, who until fairly recently was […]

It's only four months in, but Travis Kelce is having a great year so far.