Summer Movie Guide: “Space Jam: A New Legacy” Is A Must-See For The Entire Family


If there’s a must-see movie for the entire family this summer, it’s gotta be Space Jam: A New Legacy.

The sequel to the legendary Michael Jordan-led flick from 1996 was originally announced back in 2014, and LeBron James made the wait well worth it. The movie’s plot was nothing like the 90s version, as it chronicled a basketball-focused LeBron who didn’t care about much off the court until he’s pitched a movie deal that leads to his youngest son being trapped in a game by Al-G, played by Don Cheadle. Soon after, father and son are forced to create dominating squads to fight for what’s most important in life; family.

While many people weren’t thrilled with a classic movie getting a modern twist, the homies Mouse Jones and LeBron Loyalist Beanz Smalls chop it up about the live-action film.

“I was totally for it– unlike a lot of other people who were on the fence about it, but I thought James was the perfect guy for it. Bron is a once-in-a-generation athlete just like Michael Jordan was,” explained Beanz. “There are not many people –outside of the late Kobe Bryant– who can do can something like this. So I felt Bron was the perfect person to give kids of this generation a new version of Space Jam. I was all for it.”

On the other hand, Mouse was more impressed with Don Cheadle’s Al-G character portrayal as the villain.

“Al-G may be the greatest villain a cartoon movie has ever had. Hercules has Hades, The Little Mermaid has Ursala, Batman has Joker, Superman has Lex Luther, and LeBron James has Al-G Rhythm,” said Mouse. “I want to see Don Cheadle more often as a bad guy. I loved everything about it. I loved how he embraced the nuances of today and was able to really live in this digital space and have these quick one-liners. I love it.”

Check out how Mouse and Beanz felt about the rest of the movie above — including Notorious P.I.G’s rap battle scene– above. While the movie is no longer on HBO Max, you can still check it out in select theaters before it finds its permanent home in the coming months.