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Ikea’s sustainability goals just got another push.

The Swedish home goods brand is known for its affordable pieces that not only last but keep designs simple for them to be in style for years to come. Now, thanks to those classic styles, the brand is making sure you never drag your old furniture out to the curb ever again.

Thanks to its new “Buy Back and Resell” program, Ikea’s willing to take that bookcase you’re tired of in hopes of giving it a second home and becoming a circular business by 2030.

It all begins with loyalty customers who will be able to sell their used Ikea furniture and, in exchange, will be able to load up on store credit.  After being inspected for quality, the approved items will then be available for resale in the “as-is” section for discounted prices. The loyalty program is available free of charge to any customer who wants to join and get perks like access to sales and a free drink every time you go to the store.

“At IKEA, we are passionate about making sustainable living easy and affordable for the many, and want to be part of a future that’s better for both people and the planet,” said Jennifer Keesson, Country Sustainability Manager, IKEA U.S. in a release. “We hope the Buy Back & Resell service inspires our customers to live a more sustainable life at home while giving their used furniture another life and a second home.”

According to CNBC, the pilot program will start at the store’s Conshohocken, Philadelphia location through September 19, with the hope of expanding to other stores around the country.