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Condoms have been around for centuries. Today they come in a variety of sizes, textures, colors and materials to accommodate both male, and more recently female, users. Despite the evolution of its design and performance, many guys still haven’t found the perfect fit. When it’s time to get in any condom will do, right? Well, yes and no. Of course safe sex is smarter than hitting it raw, but taking the time to figure out the condom that complements your d*ck will improve your stamina and upgrade your overall experience. Don’t cheat yourself.  It’s worth putting in a little work to figure out what works best, here are some tips.


1 Know Your Real Size

When it comes to condoms, one size does not fit all. Condoms come in a variety of sizes and if you’re using one that is too big it will tear, if it’s too small it will slip off. Both result will leave you vulnerable to STDs and pregnancies. Condoms should fit like a glove. If yours isn’t fitting right, hit up your local drug or sex store and drop a few dollars to try out brands that offer a better fit. You can also  look online at sites such as Condomania for specialty fits that accommodate varied lengths and widths.

2 Think About Your Partner

Keep it simple. If you’re single go with basic condoms that are least likely to cause “unfavorable responses” mid stroke—that means non-lubricated and water based. If you’re in a relationship ask your partner what works for her body (note: some women have preferred brands), then find the best size/fit based on both of your needs.  Lambskin is a popular choice for those who are allergic to latex, but they do not protect from STIs. Polyurethane condoms are durable, thinner and free of the rubbery odor that accompanies some latex condoms. Don’t forget that some women are allergic to the lubricants on condoms. Overall tip: Talk it out.


3 How You Store Them is Everything

Condoms are made from a natural resource (sap of a rubber tree) so they are perishable. Placing condoms in wallets is a common practice that should be avoided. The pressure from the condom being placed in back pockets and sat on can warp the structure of the latex overtime and render it unsafe to use. The best place to store you condoms are in a cool, dry place. A dresser drawer or a medicine cabinet in the bathroom are simple places to store condoms when at home. For on the go, use a metal tin from (like an altoid case) to store them properly. You can even buy condom cases from your local pharmacy or online.

4 Master the Roll Up

Another common mistake men make is unrolling the condom fully, before putting it on the tip of the penis. yes, there are slip-ups in the heat of the moment but damaging the condom renders it useless. Don’t place your health at risk. Practice putting them on in the light, so when it’s time to get it on you’re putting on your armor correctly.

5Damaged Wrappers Are Bad

Even the tiniest hole, one that’s the size of a pinhead, is enough to allow sperm cells and viruses to escape. Make sure to inspect your condom wrappers before using them. Discard of condoms that appear to be damaged to avoid using them during intercourse. Also, be careful when opening condoms because harp objects like scissors, fingernails or jewelry can create small rips.

6 Know What Goes Where

They smell yummy and come in different colors, but these condoms will jack up the pH balance of your partner’s vagina. Why? Flavored condoms are made with artificial sweeteners that give the latex its flavor and smell. Sugar introduced into the vagina can lead to an imbalance of vagina pH and cause an overgrowth of yeast to occur. Yeast infections are no fun for your female partners and can be easily avoided. So, what should you do with flavored condoms? Put it in your mouth. Use flavored condoms specifically for protected oral sex.


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