sex and relationships

Retired pro basketball star Lamar Odom took to social media yesterday (Dec. 8) to announce he was retiring three other things from his life: porn, drugs, and relationships.

The study, conducted by NordPass, sheds some light on how social media and online banking information are handled by coupled up Americans.

There are many theories and stereotypes about cheating, as well as long-held beliefs about men and commitment. We’re here to unpack all of that, and get down to the psychological facts about cheating. 

Condoms have been around for centuries. Today they come in a variety of sizes, textures, colors and materials to accommodate both male, and more recently female, users. Despite the evolution of its design and performance, many guys still haven’t found the perfect fit. When it’s time to get in any condom will do, right? Well, yes […]

Each week CASSIUS’ resident sex expert Glamazon Tyomi answers questions from clients and fans. This week, she talks to a man who wants to know whether it’s time to start taking a hands off approach to relieving his sexual tension.   Hey Glamazon, I’ve been seeing your posts online talking about masturbation and I wanted to […]

Will millennials rewrite the rules about sexuality? Can we?