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“You send a strong message to people outside of your group that they ain’t worth shit,” writes Nas in an open letter published by Mass Appeal.

The Queens rapper is speaking of President Trump in the truly unapologetic takedown of the unpopular POTUS and today’s political climate.

The 43-year-old opens the letter by raising concerns about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a young Black man who was found hanging from a tree in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park in July of last year. It’d eventually be ruled a suicide, but Nas has his doubts (as do many others.)

As he segued into his thoughts on the current presidential administration, Nas admits that he doesn’t pay close attention to politics (“For what? There’s no reason…We all know a racist is in office. People can talk their shit“) and says that he instead focuses his energies toward improving the state of the world via his music:

“My way of addressing these issues is through my work. Whatever president may be in office doesn’t affect my work directly. The way he affects people is what affects me. I observe what’s going on and that goes into my creative process. The person himself, I’m not caught up with. I don’t even have time for Trump or Pence. I don’t give a fuck.

My focus is on what’s happening with real people in their everyday lives. How they behave, the decisions they make, and how that affects families…I speak to the everyday people. I speak to everybody. If the people are bothered by it, I speak on it. If the people are bothered and want change, I speak on that.”

He ends the piece with a nod to former President Obama, saying that he inspired the next generation to believe that they can run for president and any goal they have is realistic and attainable.

Read the letter in full via Mass Appeal here.