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Apple‘s new iPhone 13 is scheduled to drop Tuesday, September 14 at 10 a.m. EST, but its successor may have already been leaked by the owner of, Jon Prosser. The iPhone 14 is not actually proven to exist yet; however, there have been rumors of its development since March, and Prosser has had more hits than misses when it comes to his predictions.

According to his report, Prosser said he only saw images of the “iPhone 14 Max” and has no information with regard to the differences in tech between the iPhone 14 or its predecessor. What he did note is that the iPhone 14’s new design does not have a camera bump or notch, addressing two frequent complaints made by iPhone users.

According to the leak, the camera bump will be “eliminated” by making the phone body thicker overall. And as for the notch, it still isn’t fully clear how Apple plans to remove it since the company said it was necessary for housing its Face ID sensors. In March, Mac analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested the notch might be replaced by a “punch hole” design, which is more frequently found on Android devices; but removing the notch will give future iPhones a true “edge-to-edge” front-facing screen and totally smooth design sure to please Apple loyalists.

One feature that most analysts believe Prosser got right is the iPhone 14’s titanium case, which was first mentioned in a JP Morgan Chase report in July.

In order to not inadvertently give up his sources, Prosser asked 3D artist Ian Zelbo to create the digital mock-ups for his video. Albeit, keep in mind that the iPhone 14 would likely be released in late 2022, and Apple has not even shipped it’s first iPhone 13 yet, so designs and dates are subject to change. Stay tuned for more details on the iPhone 14 as they come.

Twitter had the jokes ready about the iPhone 14 allegedly leaking before the iPhone 13 gets revealed. Peep some of the best reactions in the gallery below:

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