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Meg Thee Stallion x Nike Campaign Spot

Source: Nike / Nike

Fall 2021 may have just begun, but Megan the Stallion and Nike are seeing to it that Hot Girl Summer continues. The Houston rapper was tapped as the Swoosh’s latest member of its “Play New” campaign, and the “Savage” rapstress appeared in a 60-second spot telling her story of how she went from a high school athletic hopeful to hip-hop superstar.

In the ad titled “New Hotties,” Meg a.ka. Thee Hot Girl Coach reveals that people tried to push her teenage self towards sports like basketball, volleyball, and track because of her long legs and 5’10” height. “And I tried them all,” Meg said. “They just weren’t for me. I knew I had to find my passion and do what made me happy.”

But for those who don’t believe that Meg’s choice to do rap disqualifies her as an athlete, she challenges the naysayers to half-day dance rehearsals, to train five days a week, and then to get on stage before 50,000 people and put those knees to work by squatting for at least half of time.

Meg supports everyone in whatever journey they take. She says, “Real Hotties put other Hotties on! So I’m sharing my fitness story to let you know sport is whatever ya want it to be. Dance is my sport. Rapping is my sport. Performing is my sport. I am an athlete, and so are you.”

Meg Thee Stallion x Nike Campaign Spot

Source: Nike / Nike

Melanie Auguste, Nike’s VP of Global Brand Marketing, shared her thoughts on the “Play New” campaign in a statement this past May.

“Play means joy,” she said. “It represents pure enjoyment and being able to just be free. All kids play. That’s just a natural thing they do. The reason we are encouraging people to ‘Play New,’ is to celebrate that notion of getting back to the joy of discovering and trying something for the first time — the joy of letting loose a little bit.”

Fans can use the Nike Training Club (NTC) app to learn full-body workouts, core exercises, and lower body exercises from Meg and trainer Tara Nicolas. They can also get tips on how to improve their mindfulness and see some of the different gear the rapper likes to wear when she breaks a sweat.

“People like to tell us what we can and what we can’t do,” Meg asks her fans. “But we ain’t hearing that! Real hot girls know no one can define us but us. So hotties, you ready?”

Meg Thee Stallion x Nike Campaign Spot

Source: Nike / Nike

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