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The Smithsonian Institution Holds Press Preview For New National Museum Of African American History And Culture

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Shaking our heads, but never surprised. The Founding Director of the National Museum for African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) responded to the finding of a noose inside a gallery on segregation. The museum was closed down mid-day for almost three hours on Wednesday after the discovery and reopened fully around 3:15 p.m. once the police said the area was “safe and secure.” The incident showed what we already know — Black folks can’t even find solace in a space that is literally honoring the history.

You can read the Founding Director Lonnie Bunch’s official response down below.



Damn, Tiger. The golf star had quite an eventful Memorial Day Weekend when he was pulled over and charged with a DUI. The internet already got hold of his mug shot and the jokes flew on Twitter and Instagram, but now there’s video of Woods’ hazy night and folks aren’t laughing. The Florida Police Department’s footage of Woods’ arrest was obtained by TMZ and shows him struggling to walk the line and slurring his speech. But was this absolutely necessary? Seems like folks want him shamed at every cost. 

Important to note, according to police reports, Woods wasn’t drinking at all— he scored a .000 on his breathalyzer tests. So there’s that.


Oh,  Trump. Not even 48 hours after “covfefe.” The leader of the free world (?) doesn’t give a damn about spellcheck, and definitely not climate change. The Paris Climate deal came together in 2015 as a way for countries with the biggest pollution problems to limit carbon emissions by way of a climate-action plan. But Trump, according to CNN, might say “nah,” and pull the U.S. out of the deal entirely. He’s expected to make his decision Thursday during an event in the White House’s rose garden. The climate deal would have forced the U.S. to reduce fossil fuel emissions by about 30 percent by 2025. But it’s just the environment, right?

President Donald Trump...

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