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F*ck it, (blackhead) mask off.

Last week’s hot dog maker wasn’t that big a hit with Cory, so this episode we’re taking it back to basics with a skincare routine. We originally wanted to try the blackhead remover mask on Sherrod, but he’s made of cotton and polyester, so his human co-host had to take one for the team.

“Some people think that blackface is offensive, but in this instance, it’s totally called for,” Sherrod jokes. Cory finally appears on camera, giving us his best Sting impression as he tries not to crack the mask while constantly telling Sherrod to shut up as he tries to get his jokes off. He realizes that he has to keep the black paste on his face for 20 minutes, so to pass time Sherrod tries—that is, struggles—to read the instructions on the back of the bottle.

But then came the fun part: ripping off the mask.

Side effects that weren’t mentioned on the bottle include anger, frustration, and sensitivity. But Sherrod says, “No pain, no gain,” because the end result was worth it all. The blackheads are gone and Cory’s skin is smoother. Even Sherrod had to cop a feel to make sure Cory was serious.

The good news is that Cory might have just stepped up his skincare routine. The bad news is that we don’t get to destroy the SilkSence Blackhead Mask.

We Tried It Black head mask

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