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After you impress her in the bedroom, you gotta make sure you can throw down in the kitchen once the sun rises.

It’s the morning after—we’ve all been there. If the booty call or drunken hookup (with consent, of course) had you blessed enough to end up on your home turf it must have been a great night. Your favorite playlist was blasting as you had adult fun and, more importantly, you got to wake up in your own bed. That’s always a win. But now that the beer goggles have worn off and you’ve come down from post-coital bliss the next move is apparent. Don’t be a loser and just kick the girl out, be a gentleman, make some breakfast first.

And the easiest thing to whip up in the morning is an omelette and of course, Dustin has the perfect recipe. It starts with onions, tomatoes, spinach and cheddar cheese. Let the onions, spinach, and tomato cook a bit before cracking a few eggs and tossing them in your skillet. Make sure your add-ons are properly spread throughout the omelette so you get a little bit of everything in each bite. Oh, and please remember to oil the skillet before you even think about doing anything else. When your omelette is almost done cooking, toss in some of your favorite cheese before folding it in half and sliding it onto your plate.

Lastly, taste the fruits of your labor and make sure you make an omelette for your girl. And if it’s good enough, round two might be around the corner.

Grown Man Shit omelette

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