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Sherrod and Cory are back at it again with trying food that may or may not harm them.

And this time it’s Hot One’s Fiery Chipotle hot sauce. Sherrod, per usual Sherrod, is ready to get down to business and immediately tells Cory to dab some on his wing before scarfing it down. But he quickly regretted it and needed water and began sweating. Side note: We too, were unaware that puppets can sweat, but that’s 2018 for you.

Cory is up next and not only is his wing smothered in the spicy sauce but he does Hot One’s signature last dab to make things a bit worse. Sherrod just wants to know the flavor profiles that Cory is recognizing in the sauce, but he can’t do much more than complain about not feeling his lips. The only words he’s able to mutter as Sherrod asks how he’s feeling about the infamous ghost pepper flavor is “Hot!”

It’s safe to say the sauce is doing its fucking job because it’s got Cory sweating bullets. And water doesn’t help, dawg. All in all, Sherrod is with the shits and would not mind adding the sauce to his sauce repertoire, but Cory, on the other hand, would prefer something a bit milder. A $12 a bottle, you can cop it yourself and risk a numb mouth or make your chicken fingers even more bomb. It’s up to you.

We Tried It Hot Sauce

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