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Melyssa Ford on Drink Champs

Source: YoouTube / Revolt

Melyssa Ford showed up on a recent episode of Drink Champs, and podcast host N.O.R.E. delved right into the video vixen’s rumored romance with her fellow Canadian Drake. Ford appeared caught off-guard at the suggestion, but N.O.R.E. didn’t buy her reaction. Therefore, he cut straight to the chase and asked Ford, ““[So] Drake ate the a**?”

Ford danced around the bold question. “Here’s the thing,” she told N.O.R.E. and co-host DJ EFN, “you’ll never have full confirmation as to what actually transpired… That’s an assumption on your part!” So N.O.R.E. then didn’t want to leave anything to assumptions. He pressed Ford further to know if she and the 6 God ever did the horizontal lambada, and she was more direct that time. “No,” she told the Drink Champs hosts, “we actually did not.”

Ford went on to explain that what drew she and Drizzy together was certain traits they had in common, such as being biracial Canucks and Scorpios. Oh, and his mind.  “I cannot lie — part of the attraction with him is how smart and cerebral and Canadian he was,” she continued. “We spoke the same non-verbal language… There was an unspoken language, and I really, truly f**king adored him. I did.”

While the model may have been coy around the fellas this time around, there was a moment when Ford wasn’t as shy about her involvement with Drake. In fact, she was sharing the rapper with Toccara Jones, and Ford’s review of Drake was less than glowing.

On her podcast I’m Here For The Food, she spoke on how Drizzy was a “greedy, gluttonous m*thaf*cka” and that she and Jones were “each a seven-course meal,” so she passed the 6 God off to her homegirl. “[Toccara’s] telling me we’re dating the same guy,” she said last year to her co-host Blue Telusma and Jones, “and you know what I said to [Toccara]? I said, ‘Knock yourself out!’ I said, ‘Knock yourself out!’ And I didn’t have to have a conversation with [Drake].

Check out the clip below to see what else she had to say about the man she “adored,” and tell us if you think they should give their love another try!