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Stephen A. Smith Calls The Knicks "A National Disgrace" During Epic Rant

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The New York Knicks have once again let Stephen A.Smith down, and he let the world know he is fed up with his favorite team. 

In what has to be one of his best rants yet, ESPN’s workhorse, Stephen A. Smith, excoriated his beloved Knicks following an epic collapse to their crosstown rivals, the Brooklyn Nets. Wednesday (Feb.16), the Knicks seemed to be cruising to an easy victory over the once highly favored Nets. They quickly amassed a 28-point lead over the team without its new big three, Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons, part-time hooper, and full-time contrarian Kyrie Irving.

That quickly changed when the 4th quarter arrived. The Knicks went cold, allowing the Nets led by Cam Thomas and Seth Curry to erase what looked to be an insurmountable deficit, leaving Madison Square Garden with a shocking victory and a bitter taste in Knicks fans’ mouths. It was also the third game the Knicks have lost after leading by 20-points or more. Following the Knicks meltdown, viewers were treated to Smith ripping the Knicks to shreds in a nearly 3-minute rant.

“The New York Knicks are a national disgrace, ladies and gentlemen. They’re horrible,” Smith said on NBA on ESPN. Smith even claimed that Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau is walking on thin ice and is in danger of losing his job.

“Thibs, we’re hearing that the New York Knicks as an organization ain’t too fond of him these days. He might be out. I don’t give a damn if we was gone tonight.”

Knicks superstar Julius Randle also felt Smith’s wrath in his rant, Julius Randle, I’m done with him,” he yelled in his signature loud voice. Randle finished the game with 31 points, 10 rebounds, and three assists in the loss. Smith wasn’t done he also called out Knicks President of Basketball Operations Leon Rose.

“Leon Rose — we got inmates in state penitentiaries more visible than this man. He’s the president of basketball operations and we can’t find this man. They are trash, horrible… Sixteen points in the fourth quarter. The New York Knicks are trash.”

And, of course, Smith once again called for a boycott of the Knicks by urging the team’s famous fans not to show up to watch them play.

“Spike Lee shouldn’t even show up for the rest of the season. Tracy Morgan, don’t go, don’t go,” Smith said. “Nobody goes. You’re horrible. I’m so done with this team. You just stink. Only excuses. I am officially embarrassed that there is video out of me saying last year talking about New York stand-up… I wish Knick fans boycott this team… I don’t want to go to the Garden. I don’t want to drive by the Garden.”

It was truly one of Smith’s best moments when calling out Knicks, who seemed to be on the rise again following a very good season last year, only to revert back to the same old Knicks we have grown accustomed to over the years. You can watch Stephen A. Smith go off on the Knicks below.

Photo: Diamond Images / Getty