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Fans of First Take are well aware that the star of the show is the boisterous Stephen A. Smith, but it appears he’s found a friendly rival in another fellow analyst. Former NBA player JJ Redick locked horns with Smith on the popular morning sports show this week, this time regarding the legacies of LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

On Tuesday (Feb. 8), First Take moderator Molly Qerim posed the question to both Smith and Redick of between James or Durant, which of the star players had the most pressure to win another NBA championship. In the two-minute segment, Redick explained that neither gentlemen are facing that kind of pressure despite their assured desires to win another title which is perhaps the goal of anyone who steps onto the hardwood.

While Redick was explaining his position and thoughts, and pushing back on Qerim’s superteam jab by explaining the concept of superteams has existed at least since the 1980s, Stephen A. was visibly fed up. However, Redick made sure to speak from the position of a former professional athlete and tell Smith that he was creating a narrative about the players.

“Both the guys’ legacies are secured,” Redick said, which few could argue but Stephen A. certainly made a valiant attempt to do so.

On Twitter, many are taking note of the fact that JJ Redick once more showed Stephen A. Smith that you can’t outtalk him when it comes to the sport of basketball and proves that he’s one of the sharper analysts in the game today.

Check out the video and reactions below.

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