Man giving woman foot massage, Cape Town, South Africa

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So, your love for feet goes a tad beyond the understanding of most people. You get aroused by the sight of smooth soles and your lingam stirs when you see toes curl. You have a foot fetish, whether you’ve officially told your bed mates or not. Fetishes aren’t the easiest thing to cop to since so many people don’t understand the attraction. Still, the first— and most important— thing you can do is keep it real with yourself. As odd as it may seem to others, you are sexually stimulated by feet, and that’s okay. You’re not harming anyone with your desire to touch, lick and play with feet. Next, it’s time to draw a clear line. Being a creep and trying to surreptitiously indulge in your fetish isn’t cool. Be straight up. Your partner may not be into the fetish itself, but they can still engage with you and enjoy your adoration—if they chose. By gaining your partner’s permission to cater to their feet, your foot fetish can be satisfied in a few simple ways.


1 Good Ole Foot Rubs

Foot rubs are rarely turned down, especially by those who stand all day. Offer your boo the gift of relaxation by performing a massage with warm oil. If the person is new to the game, wait until post shower time, offer a seat on the couch or bed, and get to work.  Warm the oil up by rubbing it vigorously in your hands and hold one foot in between your palms to transfer the heat. Ask if there is any place that needs more attention, and begin with light pressure. Use your thumbs and fingertips to massage the smaller surfaces. Don’t forget to get between the toes.


2 Give a Pedicure

Cracked heels and ingrown toenails are common issues folks have with their feet. Score a double win by offering a mini pedicure. You don’t have to be a professional nail technician to pull this off.  Purchase a toenail clipper, a point nail file (for cleaning under the nails) and flat file (for shaping). You’ll rarely hear no if you add a pumice sponge for scrubbing, Epson salt for soaking and oil for the feet once the cleanse is done. Once the toenails are trimmed and filed, soak your partner’s feet inside of warm water treated with Epson salt. You can use a pedi spa or a large basin specifically for this ritualistic occasion. If you want to add essential oils or flower petals you can as well. Allow the feet to soak for 20 minutes and use the pumice sponge in conjunction with a foot scrub to remove calluses or dead skin from the sole of the foot. When you’re done, dry and moisturize the feet.


3 Play Dress Up

If watching the foot go in shoes or socks is a turn-on, ask your partner if you can indulge during not-so-busy times. Make the playtime fun for both of you. Granting your partner the freedom of sitting back and allowing you to serve can be relaxing and comforting. You can even offer to place shoes on and off during shoe shopping. The scenarios are endless. Avoid pestering your partner by respecting the initial response, whether it’s affirmative or negative.


4 Put Your Mouth On It

Massaging the hands and feet before sex to stimulate arousal is a known ancient technique to get the blood flowing. Rub your partner’s feet before asking to place them in your mouth. If your partner feels apprehensive about putting their feet in your mouth, offer to clean them with a warm towel or baby wipes. Don’t forget to remind bae that you love doing this, so there is no need to be self-conscious. Once your partner grants you permission to put their toes in your mouth, instruct them to lay back and begin to put in that work! You can continue to massage your partner’s lower leg to move blood from the feet back towards the pelvis. Have a good time and don’t be afraid to let your partner know how much it turns you on to cater to their feet.

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