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The Final Trailer For 'Morbius' Has Arrived

Source: Sony Pictures / Morbius

The final trailer for Morbius has arrived.

Sony Pictures’ latest entry into its complicated Marvel universe of films, Morbius, is FINALLY set to arrive after numerous delays. Ahead of the movie’s April 1 release date, we get one last trailer, and in it, we see Jared Leto’s, Dr. Michael Morbius struggle with using his newfound abilities for good, OR, embrace being the bad guy.

While we still have no idea how or where this film fits into Sony’s plans for its slate of Marvel properties, we do know that it’s a part of it thanks to a bunch of factors. We have seen some graffiti of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire), so we know he’s in Morbius’ world. Then, there is the appearance of Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes, which throws us into confusion because he’s from the MCU world and was Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man’s villain. Then there is Morbius’ mention of Venom in a previous trailer.

It’s pure madness that we are sure that the multiverse will eventually make sense of, we hope. Till then, we are heading towards Morbius’ release confused as all hell, but we damn sure are going to be in the theater to see what’s going to happen.

Until then, you can step into the final trailer for “Marvel’s next legend” below.

Photo: Sony Pictures / Morbius