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Karl-Anthony Towns Responds To Stephen A. Smith Calling Him "Classless"

Source: Jason Miller / Getty

Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns had time for ESPN’s workhorse Stephen A. Smith.

Karl-Anthony Towns did not appreciate Smith calling him “classless” for taunting Russell Westbrook during a Wednesday night (Mar.16) victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook lived up to the nickname he hates during the game, even throwing up an airball, which drew a hilarious reaction from Towns and the Timberwolves bench.

During a taping of ESPN First Take, Smith did not care for the Timberwolves taunting the Lakers, who are a pretty bad basketball team. He especially didn’t care for Town’s taunts towards Westbrook, dropping the hot take that Towns had no right to speak about Westbrook in such a manner. The First Take host pointed out the Timberwolves as an organization hasn’t done anything significant in the past two decades and have only sniffed the playoffs once in just once in 17 years.

Towns didn’t bite his tongue during his Twitch show and gave Smith a piece of his mind about being called “classless.” Towns pointed to the blatant hypocrisy when because no one said anything when Westbrook was doing his famous “rock-a-baby” taunt.

“Now, when we have a little fun with the game, we’re being classless. Right, that’s what he said ‘classless’?” Towns said.

“It’s cool, though, I understand. It was cool when people was doing this in people’s face (doing the rock-a-baby taunt). It was cool, right? Aight, things came back to bite,” he continued.

Karl-Anthony Towns does make an excellent point. Stephen A. Smith is doing a lot in this situation. Westbrook is a superstar, but he’s having one of the worst seasons of his entire career. When everything is going right, he’s one of the biggest trash talkers on the court, but he can’t take it when the league has him on notice.

Keep cooking KAT.

Photo: Jason Miller / Getty