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Listen: I have been a Black male in America my whole life, so I know we’re in need of protection—in so much as Black people, in general, need to be protected. But boooooy, let me be punched in my mouth with a hotep-be-gone fist if I’m ever out here sounding as stupid as Tory Lanez while advocating for Black men.

On Tuesday, the stunted negro who should be worrying about protecting Black women’s feet from his trigger finger started a petition to protect Black men—from being kicked out of music festivals.

From Rap-Up:

“We are watching the industry and fake cancel culture remove all of our legendary black men , black celebrities and black moguls …..from festivals , from our culture and from our lives,” wrote Tory, who started the petition under the alias “Protect Black Men.” “And it starts with us …. we must make a change .. so we can keep our black men thriving.”

He questioned why Black men are not being supported in the wake of the George Floyd protests. “We stood for equal rights of black men 2 years ago with GEORGE FLOYD .. what changed from ‘then to now’ in regards of the protection of BLACK MEN … ‘a man is not his craft … and the craft should never be judged by the man’ don’t let them use our personal life situations to make fake stories that have been misconstrued to hinder and taint our legacies.”

A few questions for Tory:

First, if “cancel culture” is “fake,” which I agree that it is, why do Black men need protection from it?

Second, what “legendary black men, black celebrities and black moguls” have been removed “from our culture and from our lives?” Who has that happened to? Sure, some celebs like Kanye West have been removed from award ceremonies, festival lineups and other events due to online shenanigans and other negative behaviors, but what does that have to do with “cancel culture?” What Black man’s career has been “canceled” from the entire culture outside of not getting to perform at the Grammys or something ultimately trivial like that?

Lastly, negro, is you really out here comparing this sh** to the murder of George Floyd?

First of all, it’s pretty clear from what Lanez wrote in his petition that this isn’t about Black men in general—it’s literally just about embattled Black male celebrities and their booted-from-a-festival woes. This man really thinks that’s comparable to the extrajudicial executions of Black people by police. 

If only canceling certain Black celebs were as easy as Tory claims.