"[Black women and men can also support] each other through issues and concerns. The Black Community is here to support each other, not just one gender or the other." - Dr. Ryan McQueen, MD, Chief of Behavioral Health and Medical Director of Adolescent Services at Riverside Behavioral Health Center in Hampton, VA.

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Listen: I have been a Black male in America my whole life, so I know we’re in need of protection—in so much as Black people, in general, need to be protected. But boooooy, let me be punched in my mouth with a hotep-be-gone fist if I’m ever out here sounding as stupid as Tory Lanez […]

Kwame Brown and Boosie Badazz may have found their newest ally in their perceived war on male gender roles from the strangest of places: Sean Penn. The 61-year-old actor doubled down on his statements of “frustration” with where the world is headed, and particularly American men, in a recent interview that earned him the wrath […]

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Your goals of getting to the corner office shouldn't come before doing what's right.

The Well

Goodbye to the traditional patriarchy.


Wellness expert, Yolo Akili Robison, closes out our Rethinking Manhood conversation with a reminder that talk is cheap, but actions are not.

CASSIUS briefly dissects one of social media's most-used expressions.

Being a teenager is, no doubt, one of the most trying times in a young person’s life. But when you got a mentor like John Legend on your side, you know you’re good to go. In collaboration with AXE’s Find Your Magic Initiative, Legend went back to Ohio, his home state, to spend time with […]