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SheaMoisture Unveils New Shave Care System For Black & Brown Men

Source: SheaMoisture / Men’s Shave Care System

When it comes to grooming, specifically, shaving for Black and Brown men, it’s not a simple process as those commercials make it out to be. That’s where SheaMoisture comes with their latest products specifically catered to the needs of men with melanin.

SheaMoisture Promises No More Rough Days, Just The Best Shave

SheaMoisture unveiled that its latest men’s grooming products come together as a “Shave Care System” that provides the everyday Black and Brown man with the best shave possible minus the annoying after-effects.

The new Shave Care System is divided into three different sections: “Pre-Shave,” “During Shave,” and “Post Shave,” and it promises to deliver no more days, just the best shave.

The idea is to remove the stigma that Black and Brown men can’t enjoy the benefits of a close shave and not have to worry about dreaded razor bumps. It’s “designed for coarse and curly facial hair types, the products protect, condition, and soften skin and facial hair, leaving skin feeling smooth and refreshed.” 

Each product uses “botanically derived ingredients and breakthrough formulas,” expanding SheaMoisture’s lineup of products to include razors, shaving creams, face lotion, oil, exfoliating pads, and more.

SheaMoisture Shave Care System

Source: SheaMoisture / Men’s Shave Care System

Speaking of the products, here is the full breakdown of the Shave Care System per SheaMoisture:


PRE-SHAVE SOFTENING OIL ($10.99) – The SheaMoisture Men Softening Oil works to deeply condition curly facial hair and soften the skin before shaving. This oil works to help you create the ideal shaving surface. A better surface means less irritation, providing slip & glide to help reduce razor bumps and irritation.

USAGE: Massage a small amount onto your dampened face and neck area. Let the oil absorb and soften before applying your Smoothing Shave Butter or Invisible Line-Up Gel. For best results, use a hot towel prior to application.

DAILY MOISTURIZING CLEANSING BALM ($10.99) – The SheaMoisture Men Moisturizing Cleansing Balm provides the cleanse you need with skin-hydrating ingredients to leave your skin feeling softer and smoother. This balm can be used daily or before your shave to provide skin with a hydrating cleanse.

USAGE: Scoop and warm a small amount into your palms. Massage onto your face and neck using small circular movements. Dampen fingertips and continue to massage. Rinse or wipe away using a soft, dampened cloth.

During Shave

DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR ($34.99) – The SheaMoisture Men Double Edge Safety Razor is the ideal shaving tool to help reduce razor bumps. Our single-blade safety razor delivers a precise shave at skin level, helping to reduce irritation, nicks, and tugs of curly hair, unlike many multi-blade razors. The single blade design helps you get the precise cut you need for a fresh line-up, and also the comfort you need for a complete shave. The sleek, heavyweight razor comes with a chrome finish and 10 platinum coated blades.

USAGE: Hold the razor handle at about a 30-degree angle so the blade is correctly positioned to the skin. Apply very light, even pressure with the grain of the hair, letting the weight of the razor do the work. Keep the glides short and rinse in between strokes.

DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR REFILLS ($8.49) – The SheaMoisture Men Razor Refills are the ideal shaving blades to help reduce and prevent razor bumps while delivering a precise shave at skin level. The single-blade design helps to reduce irritation, nicks, and tugs of curly hair, unlike many multi-blade razors.

USAGE: Assembly: Step 1: Carefully grip the short side of the razor top plate and turn until the top is separated from the handle. Step 2: Grab a fresh blade by opening the safety envelope and grasping the short sides of the blades. Step 3: Place the blade onto the pegs of the top plate before reattaching the bottom plate. Step 4: Grip the top assembly and reattach to the razor handle until the top plate is tight.

INVISIBLE LINE-UP GEL ($10.99) – Designed for the shaver seeking maximum glide and transparency, SheaMoisture Men’s invisible Line-Up Gel goes on completely clear so that you can get a crisp, clean line up around your beard or necklines.

This foamless formula provides ultimate glide to help protect skin from irritation and razor bumps from shaving.

USAGE: Squeeze the desired amount of gel and massage onto the dampened line-up area. Spread until you have an even layer of gel on the shaving surface. For best results, prime the surface with our Pre-Shave Softening Oil before using.

SMOOTHING SHAVE BUTTER ($10.99) – The SheaMoisture Men’s Smoothing Shave Butter applies like whipped butter and works up to a luxurious all-over lather. Infused with Shea Butter and Maracuja Oil, this shave butter softens skin and provides glide and cushion during shaving to help prevent irritation during shaving.

USAGE: Dampen your face and neck area using hot water. Scoop a small amount and work into a foamy lather, using a brush or your fingers to apply evenly. Shave with the grain in short glides. Rinse and gently pat dry. For best results, prime the surface with our Pre-Shave Softening Oil before using.

SheaMoisture Shave Care System

Source: SheaMoisture / Men’s Shave Care System


POST-SHAVE RESTORING CREAM ($10.99) – The SheaMoisture Men Repairing Cream works as a multi-functional skin restoration cream after you shave. Formulated with 3% botanically-derived Azelaic Acid, this cream both instantly hydrates and improves skin after shaving. This formula contains Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil to help bring you instantly softer, smoother skin.

USAGE: After you’ve shaved or lined-up, massage a small amount of after-shave cream to the shaved areas until completely absorbed. Use daily in the AM or PM between shaves.

DAILY MOISTURIZING FACE LOTION ($10.99) – The SheaMoisture Men Daily Moisturizing Face Lotion works to hydrate skin. Made with Shea Butter and 3% botanically-derived Azelaic Acid, this face lotion helps hydrate and mattify to smooth imperfections while delivering the moisturization you need to keep your skin feeling soft. Even better – this face lotion provides a mattifying effect, helping your skin look smooth and even.

USAGE: Massage a small amount onto your face and neck. Use daily in the AM or PM. For best results, pair with the Restoring Cream or Daily Exfoliating Pads.

SheaMoisture Shave Care System

Source: SheaMoisture / Men’s Shave Care System

DAILY EXFOLIATING PADS ($10.99) – The SheaMoisture Men Daily Exfoliating Pads works to exfoliate and restore skin by gently removing impurities, providing a more even skin texture. The formula provides gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, while also working to even and smooth the skin texture.

USAGE: Gently massage the pad onto clean skin. It is not recommended to use directly after you shave, since your skin is already exfoliated. Use nightly. For best results, use daily and pair with the Restoring Cream or the Daily Moisturizing Face Lotion.

SheaMoisture Shave Care System

Source: SheaMoisture / Men’s Shave Care System

Now, this sounds all good, but does SheaMoisture’s Shave Care System work? Well, I was treated to a full haircut and shave experience from Master Barber and Master Hair Unit Pioneer Wade Menendez and I can honestly say it was one of the best grooming experiences I have ever had.

Menendez used all of the products during the experience and it left my skin feeling refreshed, not as battered after my routine shaves and it lasted way longer.


For those still looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, SheaMoisture’s new Shave Care System is perfect. Dad or even the man in your life will always appreciate the gift of a bomb shave.

Photo: SheaMoisture / Men’s Shave Care System