Skin Care

When it comes to grooming, specifically, shaving for Black and Brown men, it’s not a simple process as those commercials make it out to be. That’s where SheaMoisture comes with their latest products specifically catered to the needs of men with melanin. SheaMoisture Promises No More Rough Days, Just The Best Shave SheaMoisture unveiled that […]

SheaMoisture is here to make sure that the long unmet grooming needs of Black men are finally met.

As Pharrell readies his own skincare brand, he’s revealing his own secrets. The 42-year-old musician has been atop the hip hop scene for the better part of two decades, and while his fashion has changed, the one thing that stayed the same is how flawless his skin looks. And yes, he’s dropping his own line […]

The legendary rocker spoke with Vanity Fair and shared his skincare routine, and one of the things he uses might come as a surprise that it won't break your pockets.