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Anthony “Spice” Adams, a.k.a Cream E. Biggums a.k.a “The Man In The Yellow Jacket” is one of the funniest guys around. He’s been enjoying the good life since retiring from the NFL nearly a decade ago, entertaining people and making everyone laugh with his acting, comedy, and memes on social media. But like any true football fan, he loves a great tailgate party.

So this summer, Spice teamed up with Modelo USA and Takis to host the first-ever “Hands on a Hot Drop” challenge. It’s taking place at The iHeartRadio Block Party presented by Modelo, on Sunday, July 10, at NYC’s Pier 76. Even if you can’t make it to Pier 76 this Sunday, there are still a number of ways you can get in on the action. And one grand prize winner might walk away with a yearlong supply of Modelo Beer and Takis snacks.

Find out what Spice has got brewing with Modelo and Takis (along with how he likes to enjoy his beer and chips), why he thinks everyone should join a tailgate party at least once in their life, and what it’s gonna take for you to be this Sunday’s lucky winner.

CASSIUSLife: So, how’d you get connected with Modelo?

Anthony “Spice” Adams: Well, Modelo knows that I’m a guy that has a lot of fighting spirit, and I am an intense guy. So they said, “Hey, we are doing a ‘Hands on a Hot Drop’ competition, and we would like for you to be an MC since you embody the fighting spirit of Modelo and the intensity of a spicy snack like Takis.”

And I said, “Tell me more about this ‘Hands on a Hot Drop’ competition.” Well, they already have the contestants, and what the contestants have to [do is] keep their hands on this big vending machine filled with Modelo and Takis.

There’s going to be a lot of different obstacles and tricks that I’m going to do to make sure that they don’t keep their hands on it. But if they’re able to keep their hands on the vending machine the whole time, then they’ll win Modelo and Takis for a full year. So [I said], “Of course I would like to get involved. This is awesome!”

CASSIUSLife: Sounds pretty dope. So for this competition, is there a particular link where people have to sign up?

Anthony “Spice” Adams: No, you just show up to Pier 76 in New York City. The iHeartRadio Block Party, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. And if you want to join, you got to be 21 and over, of course.

But if you can’t make it there, then you can log on to Instagram, and you can watch it live, virtually on my page or on Modelo’s at @ModeloUSA.

CASSIUSLife: Cool. Now let me ask, how do you personally like to have your Takis and Modelo?

I’ve seen some recipes where people will drench them in cheese and make it their own kind of nachos. Other people will put it with mac and cheese to give it some crunch. And then I’ve seen somewhere people will mash up the Takis and put it on chicken to give it some bite when they fry it up.

How do you get down?

Anthony “Spice” Adams: Well, Takis are already intense as it is, so I just eat them straight up! I don’t know if I could… I mean, my nickname is Spice, but [that’s] too much Spice for me, man! (laughs) I’m not really that adventurous when it comes to the spices like that, man.

But Modelo, of course, I can put that on the chicken! I just had a conversation with somebody about Beer Can Chicken. And, of course, you can put beer in cheese. So we do fondue, and we have [the] cheese, and we put bread or vegetables and everything in the cheese, and it’s awesome.

But I have yet to do a Takis recipe because you got to build up a tolerance for that type of Spice. You gotta at least eat the chips fresh out of the bag first for a couple of weeks before you can get your palate ready.

CASSIUSLife: Are you more like “a lime in the beer” kind of guy when it comes to the Modelo, or do you like to have it straight? Or do you put ice in it? I mean, I personally don’t know anybody who puts ice, but…

Anthony “Spice” Adams: That’s too much, man! You’re puttin’ limes and all other type stuff. That’s too much. You gotta just straight up, man. Gotta be straight up. Limes and all of that? No, man, no!

CASSIUSLife: Now, you also played defensive tackle for the Penn State Nittany Lions, and then you did seven seasons in the pros, but you said you never actually lived the tailgating experience.

Now, I understand you have a new show coming up that will show off that college football and tailgating life. Is that right?

Anthony “Spice” Adams: Yeah, we’re shopping it around right now, so hopefully, someone will buy the tailgate show.

I played 18 years of football: high school, college, and then [the] pros. I played nine years professionally, and I never really got a chance to tailgate because I was always getting ready for the games.

But once I did it, after I retired, I started to realize why people show up as early as they do. It’s a great experience. You really don’t even have to go inside the game. A lot of people, they got a satellite set up where you can watch the game from the RV they have available there. And it’s a great time.

I really didn’t know, and I didn’t understand. I was like, “How are these RVs here 12 hours before the game?”

But then, when you go and you see it and you experience it, you’re like, “Oh, man, there’s no way I’m going to miss this.” It’s an awesome experience. And I would advise anyone who’s in college or high school or anywhere to participate in these tailgates because they’re a good time.

CASSIUSLife: So, number one, give us a quick preview of what we should expect from Modelo and Takis through the rest of the summer? And then, number two, what does Spice Adams have up his sleeve for the rest of the year?

Anthony “Spice” Adams: What do I have up my sleeve for the rest of the year? I don’t even know the answer to that. But I tell you what: whatever it is, it’s something that’s going to be fun, something that’s going to be enjoyable, and something that people can laugh at because that’s pretty much all I like to do.

And as far as Modelo and Takis, this competition is all about contestants who have that fighting spirit and who have that intensity. So when you think of Modelo, and the intensity [that] comes from Takis, and when you put both of those together, and you have contestants that are able to win a vending machine that has been made where they can get Modelo and Takis for a full year? I don’t know anything better than that.