Yes, water. On this episode, we’re trying… water. But it’s not just water, it’s JUST WATER— the brainchild of Jaden Smith. Cory and Sherrod tasted three kinds: regular ole water, organic lemon, and organic tangerine. The organic wave has been taking over the past few years and it’s not only because it’s good for you, but because it sells.

The duo got a bit off topic on the whole organic thing by wondering if dark liquor, specifically Jameson and Hennessy, falls under the “good for you” list. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t. The JUST WATER container is even environmentally safe especially with it being made of paper and the top being made of sugarcane. The duo was down with all the “protecting the environment” stuff but Cory was even more excited about it being produced by the Smith family. Sherrod even went for a run to make sure he was just parched enough to enjoy the water and per usual he’s loving it—even after Cory almost choked him while pouring it down his throat. That whole no opposable thumb thing is really starting to hinder him.. And if you let Cory tell it,”This shit is tasty,” all due to the dash of fruit essence.

Not only are you helping the environment by not buying plastic but a carton will only cost you around two bucks at your local bodega. More importantly, who doesn’t want to talk on the water phone?

We Tried It Water

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video