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Listed at a standing height of 6 feet even and weighing 196 pounds, NBA veteran Kyle Lowry has long been teased for carrying one of the roundest rumps in the league. In fact, one NBA scout suggested he would likely make a better football running back than basketball point guard. But as he embarks on his 17th year in the pros, Lowry now sees his backside as an “advantage” that’s brought him six All-Star appearances along with an NBA championship.

“It used to bother me a lot,” he shared on The VC Show, the new podcast from retired NBA player Vince Carter. “It used to get to me. It used to really get to me, I’m gonna be honest with you. And now, I don’t care… Thick’s been good for me. Yeah, I’m cool with it… Y’all can create all the memes y’all want. I embrace it. I love it.”

Lowry has previously spoken on the benefits of possessing a strong posterior in the NBA. On a March 2019 episode of Inside the Green Room with Danny Green, Lowry said “it’s a joke” for anyone else to try and post him up at his position. “I’ve been dealing with this for a long time, and it’s been beautiful for my career,” he said.

Besides Lowry’s behind, though, he and Carter spoke about various other matters, like their respective legacies playing for the Toronto Raptors. But one of the top subjects was to subtly address a hot take by sports analyst Chris Broussard. In July, the First Things First co-host said that players of a Kevin Durant-caliber avoid playing for Toronto for alleged racism towards African Americans.

“I don’t think KD would be happy there, and that would be a problem,” Broussard said. “That’s why, to Masai Ujiri’s credit, he’s made them an international team. The best players they have tend to be the international guys, or guys like DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry who aren’t superstars.”

But Lowry tackled the shade without ever mentioning Broussard by name. “I don’t talk about others and what people say because I don’t care to respond to anybody else because, whatever,” he said.

“I am a Black African-American from 20th and Lehigh in North Philadelphia, and I absolutely love Toronto,” Lowry added. Click the video below, and watch the full conversation between Vince Carter and the man widely considered “The Greatest Toronto Raptors Player of All-Time.”