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We’re taking a break from trying fancy water to hop on the latest tech wave— VR Goggles.

After Sherrod cracked on Cory for not knowing anything about the soccer kit he was wearing and Cory promptly snapped back with some facts about the overseas club, it was time to get to business. We were ready to put Sherrod’s phone in the VR Goggles, but he hasn’t paid his phone bill yet, so he had to use Cory’s. Texting on Wi-Fi isn’t the wave, and hopefully, Sherrod gets his money problems in order soon.

Sherrod was immediately feeling the goggles as he decided to play a dinosaur game. But he got a bit freaked out with dinosaurs and huge birds flying around– it also doesn’t help that Sherrod only stands at about 18 inches tall on a good day. After a few seconds of getting chased by a T-Rex, Sherrod flung the headset off his face. To say shit got too real for him would be an understatement.

Once he was up, Cory had some trouble getting it to work because he put his phone in upside down, but once he figured it out, the human was just as scared as the puppet, so Cory wasn’t a fan of it. Sherrod thought it worth it, but it creeped Cory out so much, he just had to destroy it.

Watch the hi-jinks in the clip above.

We Tried It VR Goggles

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video