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For an unknown reason, Kanye West‘s back to lashing out on social media.

His latest victim isn’t another rapper or a random Kardashian family member– it’s Kwanzaa.

And yes, by Kwanzaa, we mean the celebration of African American culture that occurs yearly from December 26 through the end of the year after being created in the 1960s.

Without reason, Ye didn’t like that the education system was teaching kids about the holiday while enrolled at Sierra Canyon. This school was attended by the likes of Bronny James, Detroit Piston Marvin Bagley III, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Willow Smith, and Scotty Pippen Jr.

“They teach black kids Kwanzaa at Sierra Canyon. What the f-ck is Kwanzaa and who made that bullsh-t up,” he wrote on Instagram. “Everyone lives in LA for the check anyway so no one really cares about their children being indoctrinated.”

He didn’t explain what caused the post but was aware his take was controversial. So, then he seemingly baited Instagram’s owner Mark Zuckerberg in the caption, writing, “Let’s see if I can get blocked by Mark again :).”

In typical Ye behavior, he deleted the post along with another pledging that his kids would go to Donda Academy instead. It was followed by a picture of a class in session during the first day of school at Donda with kids gathered around tables wearing the Yeezy Gap Balenciaga “Dove” Tee, washed black sweatpants, and matching Foam Runners.

Those weren’t the only post-and-delete Instagram moments from Ye. Just yesterday, he called out all the men who have fathered children with the Kardashian-Jenner clan –Tristan Thompson, Travis Scott, and Scott Disick– by posting their names in big fonts and deeming them all “Cum doners” and that they’re all in this together.

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Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 22, 2022
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