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Kanye West’s back to airing out his personal grievances online.

West is at odds with The Gap and decided to go to social media with his latest beef because they may have held a gathering without his presence.

“Gap held a meeting about me without me?” Ye captioned a photo of the brand’s recently released reflective visor/sunglasses, the YR 3022 YZYGAP SHDZ, and a bunch of clothing strewn across the floor.

Ye’s also got another bone to pick with Gap; he accused them of copying the designs from the collaborative “ENGINEERED BY BALENCIAGA” collection for their own in-house offerings.

The Chicago native shared the news by posting a screenshot of his Instagram DMs where someone told him the copycat designs being sold by The Gap consist of the same oversized, washed look.

Ye agreed and captioned the photo, “But they canceled the photo shoot with my kids in Japan without me knowing.”

Gap and Ye may have a very financially fruitful relationship, but it doesn’t come without its challenges, and the recent issues aren’t the first. Earlier this month, the two dropped off their collection of elevated basic hoodies at many of the stores brick and mortar locations, but Twitter wasn’t feeling the displays. Ye didn’t like the hoodies hanging in stores, so he ordered that all the goods be placed in large black construction bags for buyers to sort through them themselves.

When the outage of Ye allegedly appropriating poverty struck, Ye spoke to Fox about the trash bag situation.

“Look, man, I’m an innovator, and I’m not here to sit up and apologize about my ideas. That’s exactly what the media tries to make us do; make us apologize for any idea that doesn’t fall under exactly the way they want us to think,” Ye said when asked if he understands that it can be insensitive to homeless people. “This is not a joke, not a game. This is not just some celebrity collaboration, this is my life. I’m fighting for a position to be able to change clothing and bring the best designers to the people.”

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the whole trash bag situation.

Kanye West Responds To Gap Hoodies Displayed In Trash Bags: “I’m An Innovator, This Is Not A Joke”
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