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Obamas Portrait Unveiling

Source: Tom Williams / Getty

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden unveiled the official White House portraits of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Now, the unveiling of these portraits was supposed to happen while ex-liar-in-would-be-thief Donald Trump was still in office, as it has been a decades-long tradition for former presidents and first ladies to have their official White House portraits unveiled by their successors. But because Trump was a salty and spiteful pumpkin no-spice president whose resentment for his predecessor was as obvious as his tanning lines, that never happened. So Biden was left to make up for Trump’s childishness.

From the New York Times:

The official portraits of the Obamas were finally unveiled in the East Room of the White House on Wednesday by Mr. Trump’s successor, President Biden.

“It is great to be back,” Mr. Obama said at the ceremony, which drew many members of his administration back to the White House in what felt like a reunion.

The portraits, commissioned by the White House Historical Association, have been a well-kept secret, along with the identity of their artists: Robert McCurdy, who painted the former president, and Sharon Sprung, who painted the former first lady.

“I want to thank Sharon Sprung for capturing everything I love about Michelle: her grace, her intelligence, and the fact that she’s fine,” Barack said. “And I want to thank Robert McCurdy for taking on a much more difficult subject.”

The Times also noted that during a press briefing Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged questions about whether Biden will take the high road and honor tradition by unveiling portraits of Trump and his wife.

“We defer those questions to the White House Historical Association,” she said. “They lead the process on official portraits for both presidents and their spouses. So that question lies with them.”

Nah, Biden should just go ahead and be petty. If Trump couldn’t be bothered to respect the tradition himself, why should he be honored?

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