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Raising Kanan Recap: Episode 6, It's A Business, Man

Source: Starz / Raising Kanan

This week on Raising Kanan, Raq, and Unique form a tentative working alliance, Kanan is back on board with the family business, and Lou Lou’s patience with Crown Camacho has finally run out. 

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Unique has slowly been trying to find a way to get back on top after Raq set him up, making it look like he was the one who shot Detective Howard. Instead of taking back territory by force, Unique is being cold and calculative and is doing things methodically. Raq’s crew adopted Worrell after Unique was sent to prison and became nothing more than an inside man for Unique.

We learned in previous episodes that Worrell was supplying Unique with valuable information allowing him to tip off the Italians about Raq and her business moves in Newark, New Jersey projects. After a failed hit attempt on her life that almost led to Kanan’s death, Raq decides she wants to meet with the Italians. She is also making this decision after being fed some information from Worrell.

The two crime families meet up in Coney Island, and a tentative deal is struck. Sal Boselli agrees to allow Raq to set up shop in New Jersey and will do it at a discount, BUT she has to let Unique run the show. Raq is not completely happy with this arrangement, but it will have to do for now. She tells Unique it’s not a victory for him, but he feels he just hit a “buzzer beater.” Raq is also not fooled by Worrell; she tells her brothers she doesn’t trust him, so she is just playing along for now.

Kanan Is Officially Back In The Family Business

Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

The trip to the Catskills was successful, despite the failed assassination attempt. Not only did Raq manage to kill the beef with the Italians for the time being, but she also got her son back on board with the family business.

Raq reveals the good news to Marvin and Lou Lou that Kanan is back. Lou Lou, who has made it clear that he is tired of being Raq’s goon, asks his young nephew if this is something he wants to do or if he is doing it to please his mother.

For his first job back, Kanan is put on brown paper bag duty, which is him picking up money to bring to the bodega. It sounds like an easy job, right? Unfortunately for Kanan, nothing comes easy, and while hanging out with n-word-abusing Puerto Rican friend Famous they were robbed by the local stickup kids.

After a failed attempt to find weapons in Famous’ apartment, Kanan decides to go to his new boo’s house to see if she has a knife or something. They get something even better, the girl’s mother, who is strangely attracted to the teenager, hands Kanan a pistol and leaves him with a sensual kiss.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Kanan and Famous head to the stickup kid’s apartment with his newly acquired pistol. We get a glimpse of the violent Kanan we know from the leading Power franchise, and he beats the breaks off the teen.

After running, the cops run up on Kanan and Famous, Kanan manages to escape, but Famous is arrested and has the money.

Detective Howard Comes Through For Kanan

Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Kanan bursts into the house, telling his mother and Uncle Marvin the bad news about Famous. Unfortunately, Raq tells him they will not help get Famous out of jail. Also, Kanan doesn’t tell Raq precisely what happened with the money.

After another failed attempt to get help from Lou Lou, Kanan finally tells Marvin what exactly happened, and Marvin tells his nephew he is on his own.

All out of options, he turns to his alleged father, Detective Howard, who comes through for his long-lost seed and gets Famous out of prison with all the money. Howard isn’t happy that Kanan stood him up earlier and warns him not to have him waiting ever again.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

What Howard doesn’t know is his partner is still hot on his heels and peeps him talking with Kanan. She also went and dug up some files on him and learned that he was also an undercover cop for a few years. She is getting closer to finding out the truth. Whether that is good or bad for her, we shall see.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Still, it looks like Kanan knows when to pull that Detective Howard card when necessary.

Marvin Is Not Happy Jukebox Has Reconnected With Her Mother

Raq and Marvin

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Raq finally tells Marvin that Jukebox has found her mother. She dropped that bombshell after threatening to kill him if he ever put his hands on Jukebox again.

Marvin is not happy with Kenya reinserting herself back into Jukebox’s life after she left him and their daughter to go pursue a singing career. So he decides to pay her a visit to let her know how he feels.

Kenya and Marvin

Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Maybe it’s the court-order counseling he is currently undergoing that helped because he still expressed his anger by telling Kenya to go away, but he didn’t get violent. Kenya pleads her case telling her estranged baby father that she wants to be a part of Jukebox’s life, and that’s all.

While Marvin is beefing with Kenya, Jukebox has chosen a side. She is still not talking to Marvin and has even changed her look. Jukebox has ditched the Timberland boots and POLO gear for dresses that her mother helped her shop for. During their shopping trip, the boosters Jukebox used to run with spot her.


Source: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan

They can’t believe how good Jukebox looks and almost blow up her spot in the process. Jukebox quickly cleans that up and tells her mom she is ready to get something to eat.

Crown Camacho’s Time Has Finally Run Out

Crown Camacho

Source: Starz / Crown Camacho

We knew it was coming, and we are happy it has finally arrived. Crown Camacho was playing with fire when he decided to sleep with Lou Lou’s ex-girlfriend and then took the extra step to speak with Raq behind his back.

After seeing his will being questioned by Unique during an earlier encounter, Raq decides to follow up if, indeed, Lou Lou missed his target on purpose. Lou Lou insists the tech-9 machine gun he used for the hit jammed.

Raq decides to tell Lou Lou he is slipping, so much in fact that it’s not only affecting his work in the family business but the music industry as well. She reveals that Crown Camacho came to him to speak about having Lou Lou taken out of the music business, and that’s when Camacho’s time on the show ended.

After speaking with his artist Zisa and having a moment where the two almost have an intimate moment, Lou Lou decides to pay Crown a visit. Camacho gets very bold with the aspiring music label chief, and Lou Lou officially has heard enough from and suffocates the life out of Camacho. After the one-sided fight, Zisa asks Lou Lou what they plan to do with Camacho’s body.

It looks like Zisa is down for the cause.

Photo: Starz / Power Book III: Raising Kanan