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Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer - Milwaukee, USA

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See the world through the eyes of one of history’s most notorious murderers — or at least through his glasses. Cult Collectibles, run by Canadian true crime superfan Taylor James, is auctioning the very same prison glasses worn by the serial killer and sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer. The suggested opening bid for the vintage Titmus spectacles is $150,000, according to TMZ. However, you won’t find them online in the Cult Collectibles’ Jeffrey Dahmer Collection. Instead, you’ll have to contact James directly to get them.

Dahmer, a.k.a. “The Milwaukee Cannibal” has long been a popular figure in American crime history. And interest in him has recently spiked with the release of the Netflix special DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. But James was always fascinated with true crime, and he turned that passion into collecting various belongings and knickknacks owned by some of the most infamously morbid personalities. James calls his unorthodox hobby “murderabilia,” a term which he’s also incorporated in the name of his podcast Murderabilia: Exposed.

“I’ve always been kind of weird and unusual,” he told the Daily Hive in February, “but I wouldn’t say I’m a desensitized person.” James views the hobby as a lesson in history. “It’s a controversial thing, right? But a lot of this stuff will get destroyed or thrown away, and we’re able to learn from it,” he added.

The Vancouver resident says he got a hold of Dahmer’s items last year through someone linked to Dahmer’s father, Lionel. Some of the other items up for sale include original Dahmer family portraits, the killer’s confession letter to his dad, and even Dahmer’s urn. And James is willing to part with the urn for no less than a quarter million dollars.

But he revealed that one of his favorite items from the Dahmer Collection actually turns out to be a Bible. It was reportedly gifted to Dahmer while “The Milwaukee Cannibal” was incarcerated.

“There’s a little note asking for forgiveness from God for what he’d done,” James told DH. “Having that was very impactful, to see, ‘Oh, this is a genuine feeling. This is a private [space] that he had for himself, where he was expressing his feelings on the situation.’”

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