“We know we have more to do. New Yorkers must be safe based on the stats, and they must feel safe based on what they’re seeing. That is my obligation: to ensure that safety is felt.” NYC Mayor Eric Adams at a Jan. 5, 2023 conference, two days before the Harlem attack

 “It’s a controversial thing, right? But a lot of this stuff will get destroyed or thrown away, and we’re able to learn from it.” True crime hobbyist Taylor James talking about collecting Jeffrey Dahmer memorabilia to "Daily Hive" in February 2022

“Whomever is placing items of discovery online is not doing anybody a favor. It is totally inappropriate to try to try this case in social media. This case will be tried fairly and justly in Fulton County Superior Court.” - Brian Steel, defense attorney for Young Thug

Columbus Short has been arrested for felony domestic violence, again. The troubled actor got pinched in California earlier this week. 

The brother of Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles was arrested in connection with a New Year’s Eve shooting in Ohio where three people were killed. Tevin Biles-Thomas, 24, was taken into custody and charged with multiple counts of murder, involuntary manslaughter and five counts of felonious assault and one count of perjury. The charges were […]

Cleophus Cooksey Jr., 35, was arrested on Dec. 17 after fatally shooting nine people over a three week span.

Police are investigating a potential quadruple homicide in upstate New York after four dead bodies were found. The police were called around 12:50 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon after the property manager found four people unresponsive in the basement apartment. Shanta Myers, 36, and her partner Brandi Mells were found dead on Tuesday along with Myers’ […]