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Emancipation, Will Smith's Apple Movie Gets Release Date

Source: PATRICK T. FALLON / Getty

Will Smith is slowly emerging after The Oscars slap, and his once-shelved Apple movie, Emancipation, is back on and is coming to theaters and AppleTV. 

After striking down Chris Rock with great vengeance in front of the entire world during The Oscars for dropping a distasteful joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett, Will Smith took some time off to reflect on his actions. Now that he’s back, it looks like his Hollywood career, that many felt would be seriously impacted by his actions, is picking up steam again.

TMZ reports Smith, alongside director Antoine Fuqua, screened his movie Emancipation Saturday for attendees at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 51st annual Legislative Conference, which was well-received.

Standing next to Fuqua, Smith explained why he decided to star in Emancipation despite his disdain for “slave movies” and how he didn’t view this film through that lens.

Per TMZ:

Will says this movie is, more so, about perseverance and determination — and just the sheer will to survive and be free. He also talked about the character he’ll be portraying, “Whipped Peter,” whose photographs from the 1800s (showing scars on his back) went viral in its day.

Emancipation Is Getting Good First Reactions

As for the first reactions to Emancipation, it looks like Smith has another hit on his hands following his Best Actor award-winning performance in King Richard.

Before Will Smith slapped the taste out Chris Rock’s mouth, there was plenty of Oscars buzz surrounding Emancipation the reactions from those who got to screen the film confirm the Oscar talk. The big question is if Smith can attend the awards show, his actions earned him a 10-year ban from The Academy. 

Derrick Johnson, the current president of the NAACP had nothing but glowing words to say about Emancipation.

According to Deadline, Emancipation will arrive in theaters on December 2 and on AppleTV+ on December 9. Tim Cook and his company hope by then, everyone will have forgiven Will Smith. Will Netflix give Smith another chance after shelving his Bright sequel? 

Honestly, we already have. So, they should too.

Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON / Getty