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NBA: JAN 28 76ers at Thunder

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Playoff P, the nickname Paul George gave himself for his postseason game, couldn’t get the job done this time around. Russell Westbrook was even the source of some courtside trolling from a Utah Jazz fan. But not just any Jazz fan: it was former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

He was spotted in full dad swag, which calls for casual dress complete with a signature gingham button up and a custom Utah Jazz jersey that reads “Romney” across the back.

While the OKC Thunder were getting ripped to shreds by the Jazz, Romney got in on the heckling and could be seen yelling at Westbrook as he walked to his bench. Between clapping, Romney held up four fingers in Westbrook’s direction as he picked up his fourth personal foul in the second quarter. Romney’s number five jersey could mean he’s a fan of Rodney Hood, who wore the number when he was on the Jazz, or it could be an ode to the current guard who is rocking it, which just so happens to be John Stockton’s son, David.

Other than presidential candidate trolling, this game brought the usual fire that comes with four- and five-seed NBA playoff basketball. Donovan Mitchell really wants that rookie of the year award, and he is showing why he’s deserving, performing under pressure while up against the likes of Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, and Westbrook. The Jazz broke away from OKC in the third quarter thanks to Mitchell and the playmaking ability of Ricky Rubio. Westbrook did make good on his promise of preventing Rubio from notching another triple-double, but Rubio just played harder off the ball. With consecutive three-pointers by Mitchell in what would be a 33-point performance, both teams let their benches finish out the game before things got too physical.

The Utah Jazz has a 3-1 lead, and the thought of reigning MVP Westbrook getting knocked out in the first round is actually a possibility.