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Doctor puts on stitches into the wound

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Brazilian butt lifts, more popularly known by the acronym BBLs, have greatly increased in demand over the past few years. But according to a YouTube life coach named Anita, her own friend also went under the knife for more thickness — and also lost her kidney with the quickness.

“Life for her will never be the same,” Anita expressed in her nearly 9-minute video. “If you’re thinking about getting a BBL, then you need to watch this video. This is one of the most shocking and tragic stories you’ll ever hear, and it’s one that you need to know about. By learning about this case, you’ll be able to help protect other potential victims and make sure that this never happens to another person again.”

Anita said her gal pal took a trip to the Dominican Republic, where the friend met with a supposed doctor whom another woman promoted via Instagram.  “One thing you have to know about IG, is these girls get paid to promote these doctors,” Anita clarified. “Whatever amount you pay towards that doctor is being CashApped to the same girl that’s like, ‘Oh yeah, say my name. Say I sent you.’ They’re getting a cut.”

The woman in question had her BBL surgery, along with a tummy tuck and liposuction, for the grand total of $3,500. But when the friend returned to the United States, she began experiencing pain in her belly and headaches. That’s when a post-op check up uncovered some shocking news.

“It shows up [my friend] only has one kidney,” said Anita in the clip. “So down in the DR, this botch organ-selling doctor took one of her kidneys, and she thought she was getting the steal of her life… I don’t know how much kidneys go [for] on the black market, but I know it’s way more than $3,500.”

Thanks to VICE World News, though, we have a few answers. In their video “Buying Organs on the Black Market,” kidneys are reportedly the most popular body item for sale, “coming in at under six figures.” The World Health Organization estimates that 10,000 kidneys are sold annually around the world.

But on the flip side, there’s even a Mexican gang that doesn’t even need to mislead people to obtain their kidney inventory. Instead, it roams through the neighborhood slums and coaxes the poor to part with their organs for $5,000 “before hiking the price to $100k and selling it to rich Americans.”

A number of people also believe Anita may have made up a fake story about a fictional friend for clicks, though. So the Nordic Drip life coach addressed the commenters in a follow-up video. See what she had to say below about the allegations against her and her “friend.”