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Serena Williams already hinted in the September 2022 issue of Vogue that she is looking forward to life after tennis. One way the 23x Grand Slam champ is preparing for her future is by making sure her finances look right, for herself and her family. So Williams is partnering with Cash App for the company’s “That’s Money” campaign to promote the benefit of smart financial principles as well.

“I am a huge proponent of financial independence and education, and accessibility,” she said in a statement, according to PEOPLE. “I want to use my platform to raise awareness around the opportunities money management tools like Cash App have to offer, so working together was a no-brainer.”

Williams appeared in the latest 15-second ad for the company, which dropped three weeks ago. In it, we see the sports superstar using the app to pay a babysitter via Cash App after having had herself a long night on the town.

“Cash App’s new brand campaign highlights just one of Cash App’s features I love to use, and I hope this will show audiences that they can also financially interact with friends and family in a seamless way,” Williams continued in her statement.

Financial health and money management are subjects that Williams has long considered of utmost importance. Her venture capital firm, Serena Ventures, raised $111 million earlier this year to support “founders with diverse points of view.”

Williams also first announced her partnership with Cash App in April at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, where she was a panelist, along with fellow athletes Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham Jr. Williams shared why she became the newest global ambassador for Cash App. She also spoke on the need for minorities to advance their knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

“It’s important to expand Bitcoin to women and people of color,” she said. “I like looking at it like that and deciding, ok well, this is a super strong investment in terms of all of cryptocurrency. And it’s something that we really wanted to lean into and be a part of.”