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If there’s one celebrity still supporting Kanye West, it’d have to be Antonio Brown.

The NFL player has had his fair share of public scandals, and now he’s still standing behind Ye’s most recent one, which includes antisemitic remarks.

West’s currently losing all his brand deals and partnerships because of antisemitic comments, but Brown sees the whole controversy differently.

“Over the past few weeks the world’s reactionary and selective outrage at comments in the media made by my brother, Ye, have inflamed and sparked rampant conversation and reflection. The people and brands that have relentlessly profited from Black ideas and Black culture chose to distance themselves at a very specific time: a time that demonstrated their prioritization of certain groups over others,” he writes. “None of us in this world are free of judgment, yet we live in a time where scrutiny and pessimism have driven our dialogues on cultural issues toward diatribes.”

He continues, stating that people are scared to speak their truths for fear of being judged.

“Sensationalism and groupthink have forced people to not speak their minds and act out in fear rather than love. For these reasons, I stand by my dedication to freedom of speech, thought, and opinion.”

The 34-year-old says all that to reveal he plans to continue working with West. Brown is the President of Donda Sports, West’s sports agency– a role he was appointed to in February after he was released from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I remain true to the mission of Donda and our amazing staff and community. I remain committed to bringing new ideas, experiences, and designs to our world. I remain in support of the humanity that is Ye,” he writes.

Despite Brown staying on with Ye’s athletic venture, Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown and Super Bowl-winning Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald have ended their relationships with Donda sports as a result of his ongoing antics and hate speech toward oppressed groups.

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