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Antonio Brown‘s been summoned to court once again.

And this time it’s about the NFL player allegedly selling someone fake jewelry. A Florida man named Ryan Kane filed a lawsuit against Brown in Broward country earlier this week saying that the wideout sold him a fake Richard Mille watch.

The watch cost him $160,000, but Brown claimed it was a steal because it’s worth about $400,000. After buying the watch, Kane took it to a trusted jeweler to have it authenticated for insurance purposes, which is when he learned it wasn’t the real deal. It turns out it was only worth a few hundred dollars– nowhere near the 6-figures he was promised.

His point was further proved when he did some digging around about the timepiece and discovered where Brown originally purchased it.

“Kane says after he asked around, he learned that Brown had bought the fake watch — and three others like it — from a dealer in Dubai earlier this year for less than $500 apiece,” writes TMZ.

Now, Kane wants his original $150,000 back and a little more on top.

The watch in question is the RM 011 and while the exact colorway is unknown, it surely features the iconic tonneau shape that was made popular by Franck Muller along with its skeleton face.

Brown’s watch collection has been praised before and in August he even copped a The Godfather-themed watch and an engine-like rose gold Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon that cost him $800,000 collectively.

“We’re told it features a miniature Vito Corleone (played by actor Marlon Brando) in the middle of it with his iconic black tux. It also has a hand-painted black piano … and a Swiss music box that plays the first 120 notes of the movie’s theme song,” writes TMZ.

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